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A tourist home in Tuscany is a guarantee of art and culture


A home for vacations at the heart of Tuscany is an occasion you should not miss. Particularly if the position is perfect, just like this.

Pisa is around the corner  with its famous leaning tower , its medieval alleys and unique glimpses. you can go for a walk or a ride.


Lucca, with its majestic walls and its old town centre, that is perfectly preserved, is far from Pisa only 20 minutes by car ( less by train).


If you feel like doing a longer tour tour, you can walk through artistic roads, in all directions.


Less than an hour of highway you cannot miss Florence, the sublime city.


Moving toward the north of tuscany you can find pontremoli and all the Lunigiana's countries that are full of history.


If you want to travel more and more you can reach Siena and the other countries that sorround it such as San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Volterra, San Miniato..Have a drink or eat something in some of this places becasue it is worth!


Unfortunately we cannot give you a complete list of all places to visit.

Tuscany is full of hidden jewels too much hide by important names like Florence. Pistoia is a classic example: a wonderful city in which take place a famous music festival, too often neglected by tourists.

Probably Tuscany will never get you bored even if you come back in your time share house for 100 years in succession.

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